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The Virtual Appointment Process – Building Trust in the First Meeting

Episode Summary

Today we want to start a deeper dive into the virtual appointment process and share the keys to bringing prospects back and ultimately turning them into clients.

Episode Notes

We’re going to break this out into multiple parts to give us the chance to go into more detail for each stage of the process. We’re going to turn the tables and interview Vince about his approach at CFG Retirement, and this first part is all about that initial meeting. 

We’ll discuss the importance of building trust in your first meetings with potential clients and the ways to do that through emotional connection. Plus, we’ll talk about what to focus on during those conversations and then how to plan out the following meetings before you finish. If you’re looking for some guidance or just want to hear how other advisors are structuring their meetings, this episode will provide you with some great nuggets.


Featured Quote:

"I really want the client to understand what they're doing, what they're currently and, and what they're going to do going forward, how that how that's going to benefit them. And then also making sure they understand it. That's the biggest reason why I think a lot of people don't move forward with financial advisors, because they don't understand it. A lot of times, us as financial advisors, we talk too much about the jargon, we talk too much about the numbers."  - Mastermind Advisor Marketing


Here is some of what we’ll cover in this episode:



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